January 2016


The trailer looked suspenseful and creepy so I decided to give the movie a shot since I also liked the lead actors but damn was this movie boring. Sure there’s this brooding atmosphere throughout the … more →

American Wedding

The movie which kinda ended the American Pie Franchise (not counting all the direct-to-video spin-off sequels), before it ended once again in 2012 with American Reunion, keeps the low-quality … more →

American Pie 2

Continuing with the American Pie Franchise. Part two feels like an improvement in certain ways, especially on a technical level, and certain actors seem more comfortable in their roles. But there are … more →

American Pie

I became a bit nostalgic so I decided to go back to some teen comedies and then I stumbled upon American Pie. I remember when it came out there was this huge hype about the movie, I think mostly it … more →


Just as with ‘Zoolander’, there’s a sequel on the way for the 2014 Comedy ‘Neighbors’ (or ‘Bad Neighbours’, as it was called in Europe) so I decided to rewatch the first one (was kinda in the mood … more →


With all the publicity of the Sequel, I thought it’s a good time to go back and rewatch the original Zoolander from 2001. While Watching it, especially the second act, I realized that I remembered it … more →

The Revenent

A beautiful shot, but an extremely brutal movie about survival and revenge. I enjoyed the movie but it lagged in the second act and I sometimes caught myself wishing it would end soon. What was … more →

My changed New Years Resolutions

For this year I wanted to break free of my urge to only finish something if it’s perfect and kinda force myself to be creative each day. So I wanted to draw something and take a picture each day. So … more →

The Intern

What a bland movie with cardboard happy cutesy characters. It was just too neat for my taste. Everything worked out perfectly for the characters, especially for Anne Hathaway's character. more →

Beasts of No Nation

A very real and depressing subject matter. The story of a boy who flees from the government and gets picked up by Idris Elba who then takes the boy under his wing and makes him a soldier in his … more →