January 2013

New workarea

Well, the reason for the lack of updates is that I made some changes at home. I moved the work area to another room and I now face the room and not a wall anymore, which I hope will increase the … more →

Slight change of design

Well with the recent change of the logo to add the word ‘The’ in front of ‘Soap’ I thought it was time to change the header of the page because after all, that header image didn’t make much sense … more →

Name and Logo

Well all this thinking about the names of each part and when I was looking for better domain names for this page, I always looked at the logo and therefore was really focused on finding something for … more →

Plans for the Soap Design

Well, I’m still in a very early thought process for the new design and I’m (as always) torn between a few design styles but a few things are for certain though: There’s no plan for a mobile-specific … more →

Possible new structure

I was thinking about new possible domain names just recently because the one I was thinking of was rather long so I checked some alternatives. This led me to look at the page once again and think … more →

Einbit logo

A friend of mine bought a new domain name with a cool-sounding name einbit.ch. I offered him to come up with logo ideas. So when I was at work and there was nothing to do, I doodled around. I liked … more →

Back after long break

Well, this was a rather busy time recently. I had a lot of stressful weeks behind me where I had to focus on a lot of school stuff. But that’s all over, for now, and I can finally spend some time … more →