February 2005

Welcome to AGCN v9

Yes, I've done it again, let me present you guys version 9. Just after I've seen the 'A Scanner Darkly' trailer I thought that it would be nice to have a design fitting the look of that trailer. So I … more →

AGCN Version 9 is out

Yeah, I've done it again, the Winona Ryder page has received a new look based in the recently released 'A Scanner Darkly' trailer. It was interesting to go back to the CSS code and rework it because … more →

A Scanner Darkly Trailer Available

Just shortly after the Exclusive trailer caps from ChrisB I found the direct link to the first online trailer from Moviefone. It's not an apple qt version but good enough to give you a certain idea … more →

Girl, Interrupted Pictures

So here starts the first part of the GI Gallery. 10 posters were added and 5 promotion pictures. More to come soon!. (On the set and the rest of the promos) Credit: WinonaRules345, Gaffa, corky and … more →

More Reality Bites Pictures

With these 5 pictures from the set and some posters, I guess the Reality Bites´basic gallery is finished...Now it comes your time to send new stuff and improved scans (wherever needed). Credits this … more →

Reality Bites Gallery Opened

Gallery opened now. The Promotion pictures (46 so far) were added, and this time the credit goes -again- to corky, Gaffa, WinonaRules345, JustChecking, DrJoseph and maybe more people I am … more →

Mermaids Gallery Opened

With the precious help of GoDrex, a Mermaids vidcaps gallery is opened now... Mermaids Caps ...more to come soon...very soon... more →