August 2012

From the logo to a new design

Well a few days have passed now and I’ve looked at the logo quite a bit, tinkered with it slightly and hang it around in the appartment so that I can look at it constantly and see it something … more →

Getting there

Well, that was a fruitful night yesterday. I think for 3 hours straight I was working on this with Adobe Illustrator because I was so excited where it was all leading that I couldn’t go to bed before … more →

Working on logo details

So I sat on the couch with the iPad and started to draw (with his amazing app called Paper) what the factory inside the ellipse should look like. So I gave it a 3-dimensional look which will be … more →

Outlining the Story Points

Well after a day off from all I started to outline the so far decided story points from the movie I’m currently developing with a partner. There’s still some blanks especially in the middle of the … more →

Working on the new idea

Yesterday I mentioned having a new Idea so I scribbled them on a piece of paper during work and the moment I came home I put those scribbles into digital images. Now this morning I started fresh with … more →

Working on a new Logo

Well after looking back at the old logos the other day, I decided to take that first one, the simple font logo and try to expand it with an icon. Like I mentioned back then, the 3 things that come to … more →

Where do we stand with the Logo?

Well I thought I do some status update for the logo today (among other things) and see what I’ve done in the past and talk about what I wanna do or accomplish in the future, if it is something that … more →

Welcome to a new beginning

What you see here is the start to a new beginning of the soap. Gone are the days of just a logo on the main page and back is the good old content. But what kind of content will fill the soap? Well, I … more →