April 2005

Darwin Awards New Pictures

corky already uploaded some new pictures taken on the set of Darwin Awards, that squeky posted. Many thanks to both!. You can see the pictures here Besides, corky kept uploading more and more … more →

The Darwin Awards Status

ChrisB wrote an e-mail to the producers of 'The Darwin Awards' and asked when the movie gets released and if there will be a teaser/trailer soon. This is the reply he got. Thanks a lot ChrisB. We do … more →

More A Scanner Darkly Promotion Pictures

KASHIF5 and BLancaster have found some new promotion pictures for the upcoming new Winona movie "A Scanner Darkly" on Matt Lankes Photography, among which is one new lovely picture of Winona. more →

The latest additions to the galleries

Hi all! I´m posting this in corky´s name mainly ;) I wanna let all visitors know that tons of pictures were added recently in different categories. And since they are so many, I think the best you … more →

Girl Interrupted Clip

A new update after a long time. I found this clip today of the famous bathtub scene (the one where Winona goes crazy and insults Whoopy Goldberg) in Girl, Interrupted. This is also a good test to see … more →

Garbage is back!

By clicking on the video, I agree to external content being displayed to me. This may transmit personal data to third-party platforms. Read more in my privacy policy. Finally back, damn I missed … more →