Some work done under the hood

Ok so at work there was a lot of discussion about page speed optimization of websites, so I checked how this place is doing and I think it did ok. On Google’s Page Speed Test Website, it scored around 45 Mobile and over 90 on the Desktop but there was room for improvements.

I looked at the final score and decided what can be optimized on my hand and what was out of reach for me.

The first thing I did was cache all the resources, it made sense to cache scripts, stylesheets, fonts and images. That was easy and it improved the mobile score. (funny thing is that there are still some resources google says are not cached, but I don’t know why). I also gzip all text resources which made me gain a few points as well.

Then I activated lazy loading, which loads images when the browser starts to display them, and not before and reduced the number of Instagram images from the feed to 10. No one scrolls through 20 Images.

So now the main page scores 61 Mobile and a 95 on Desktop, that’s quite alright I think.

Other things I still could do is compress all images which reduce their file size and use modern web formats (like Google’s WebP). There are plugins that do all that automatically but I’m not a fan of getting a plugin for everything.

I might as well just compress future images and leave the current ones be. But I know what you’re saying

Why are you working on the theme again and not filming your next short film!!!!!

My two visitors

I hear ya, I really do, I get distracted by website stuff too easily because it’s quick and it’s doable all by myself. Shooting a short film alone is hard. BUT I will hopefully deliver something by the end of the month. I need a deadline and there I just made one.