Some more doodling around

Different Patrick Cartoon variations

I took yesterday’s cartoon version of me and used it as a base. So I tested different versions of it, different head-shapes mostly to see what works best. I also tested different ears and shapes for the ears. I must say I’m happy with the different versions and I have some favorites but I don’t think I’m done with the ‘finding my style’ process yet. But it’s fun to just draw around and test different things. I tried different noses and eyes but I kinda like the simple style, especially when the next step would be to animate it. Sooner or later I will move on to body parts, add arms and hands with fingers and try different things there as well. The cool thing is that all this gives me practice and I think I get faster with certain things. The last one (which is one of my favorites) was drawn very fast actually because I had certain things down on how to draw it.