SoaPatrick needs to change a bit

Now that I plan on doing more video work on a monthly basis (maybe even weekly) this place needs to change a bit and reflect those projects a lot better than just being part of a new Blog entry.

I thought in the past about doing some sort of landing page with the latest Video or Factory Item and Blog entry being highlighted and the Blog is a subpage of the whole website. That also means of course finally adding a factory item detail view because just having an image there means nothing, everything I did for the factory deserves some more information.

But there’s the time issue because doing that needs time, time I currently rather spend on doing a new short film or just a new video in general. There’s also the thought of doing a complete new design (SoaPatrickSix) which also incorporates the newly release Gutenberg Editor. The WordPress Theme TwentyNineteen could be a new base for such a theme, But that would take even more time. I guess I have to do some thinking on what’s more important and who knows, maybe I will once again use a third-party theme that does everything already to save me time.