So let's Break it down a Bit

I’ve been busy this weekend but I thought I have a minute to spare for a quick blog post. I promised further info on SoaPatrickFive and what I promise I shall keep.

The idea from the start was clear: simplify the theme and make it possible to extend it further for future sections or parts of the website, like an improved Factory and a place for cartoons and animations. I didn’t write everything completely new but took SoaPatrickFour as a base theme and remodeled certain things. Within that process a lot of files, markup and CSS rules weren’t needed anymore. It’s also much easier to just post a new Image/Photo, though I need to play around with image sizes a bit more, and gone are the different color options for Quotes, Links and Status Updates. What’s much easier though is to have the theme in different colors by switching red with blue, yellow or green. (Might do that for different parts of the Website)

Instead of playing around with it in secret, I think the best way was to release it now, even though it’s not finished, then use it and continue to work on it when I see problems, issues or a need for something new or different. There’s a ChangeLog page where one can keep track of the changes made to the theme.

So what’s next? Well as you can see the Storage, Factory and Search are gone once more and those are the next few things I want to add and then go from there. I have some ideas about these parts and hopefully, they will make a comeback real soon.