Slow Week/Cool Weekend

I had a rather slow week (I mean last week). Nothing special happened, did watch a lot of movies though (Sweet Home Alabama, High Crimes, A History Of Violence, Lord of Illusions, Kingdom Of Heaven, Madagascar and March Of The Penguins) The last one was a big disappointment (and that comes from someone who LOVES penguins) until I came home and realized that the American version is supposed to be a MUCH better movie. The French (and original) had a weird soundtrack, some music similar to Bjork which just didn't fit, and second, the Penguins had inner voices and they babbled in those lyric ways which was just too much. Well, I try to get my hands on the American version with Morgan Freeman as the narrator!!!

The weekend, on the other hand, was cool. Since Halloween is NOT an official holiday here in Switzerland most people partied, dressed up on Saturday. I never really wanted to go up until I got a last minute call from a friend, at that moment I was in my pj's already and getting drunk in front of the TV chatting with my good ol' pal from Germany. So after the call, I took a shower (drunken showers are kinda weird, I tell ya that) and had to think of a last minute "costume". So I just took my tennis outfit out of the closet, took my broken tennis racket and went as a tennis player :p Somehow my subconscious must have planned this because when we arrived at the party it was like entering a sauna. So I was dressed up perfectly with a white Nike bandana and white Nike wristbands :D Well the party was, considering the heat, still cool. No girl stories or girl adventures (well almost none) but still good fun with fun people... AND it was a rather cheap evening (which for me right now is very important).

Oh yeah, the "almost" girl adventure. After the big party was over on friggin' 2.30am!!!!!!!!!!!! we decided to hit a club at the other end of town (thank god we had a sober driver with us :p ) where I couldn't take my tennis racket with me, they said it's too dangerous :p So this club had 2 floors and we kept jumping from one floor to the other and back and forth. Towards the end, I started flirting with this cute girl and somehow it seemed we connected and that she was slightly into me but it didn't become more than that. Mostly because it was late and I started to get tired and second because it seemed the moment I got closer to her on the dancefloor she pulled away a bit. Now I don't have time and the energy for silly games and then she left with her friends anyway (but not before coming back to me, waving and saying 'bye' :p )