Six will change some things

It’s subtle but there have been some slight changes to the page here. First I’ve created a new theme, Version 6, which is now running this place. The base has been Version 5 on which I make my changes. The goal is to use a more lean approach to the styling and let Gutenberg be the place to build Blog Posts.

Then there will be changes to the header, probably, making it less dominating and leaner so that the content is visible a lot earlier and faster. I’m not sure how I will do that yet, but I’m sure I will figure something out. Through all that process I will be using CSS Grid a lot more (the current blog post structure is already using it) and hopefully, this will allow me to get a more streamlined look throughout the page.

I will try to keep avoiding jQuery since I think websites can be built without that fancy framework, like I said, making it leaner is the main goal. Through that process I will have to go to all of the blog posts and clean them up a bit, especially put the Featured Image inside the blog posts (which gives me a lot more flexibility about its size) and rewrite the Quote, Link and Status Blog Posts in order to fully utilize Gutenberg for those kinds of Blog Posts

It’s funny how much I started to like Gutenberg when I think back to my first impressions back in August last year.

While I was at it the last few days, I realized that the AGCN Picture Gallery wasn’t working anymore, so I had to fix that as well, but all is fine again now.