Shot a Promo B-Roll Video

So I’ve made my first video with my new gear and I thought a Promo-Video for my Bar ‘Zum Lange Inseli‘ seems fitting. When you watch a lot of youtube videos you see a lot of so-called B-Roll, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The video was shot in 100p with only 16mbps bitrate. The SQS Mode on the camera allows me to see the footage right away in slow motion on the camera compared to the 100mbps in the regular Movie Mode. That way I could immediately see if the footage was usable or not and saved me some time. Maybe there’s a way to see the 100p 100mbsp footage slowed down to 24p on the camera as well and I just haven’t found out how to achieve that.

I also tried to play with angles, pans and zooms to achieve a more dynamic video. Certain shots were harder to achieve by doing everything alone, like the spinning coaster while panning the camera, but for the more complex shots, I got help from a friend which saved me some time and made it possible to get specific shots I had in my head.

I think it was a great first try with doing a B-Roll video and I know what to look for in future projects (maybe record in 100mbsp because somehow the video looks a bit fuzzy on Youtube, oh well). I also tried my hands on an animated Instagram Story to promote the video. They are cool to look at but need extra time which needs to be planned on set as well, same with interesting Behind the Scenes pictures.

There was one set up for the overhead shot where I put the glass on the coaster which looked really cool with the tripod, the slider mounted on the tripod, the camera mounted on the side of the slider and then the monitor connected to the camera to know what’s in the frame and what’s in focus. BUT I forgot to take a picture of it, well I have to remind myself to do that next time.