Shooting a short Video

Shooting Urban Basel video

I must confess, I wasn’t drawing the last few days for the 100 Days Drawing Challenge because I was trying something new. I decided to stop making up any more excuses and just shoot a short clip. So I stood up very early on my day off and just walked around town and filmed stuff with my iPhone. I didn’t have any expectations on the final result, all that mattered for me was a learning experience and I can’t get any better if I never start in the first place.

So I shot some stuff and just by editing and looking at the footage at home, I already knew what to do better next time around. For example, better compositions (I was way too worried about not filming people or coming off as weird than looking at the frame). Also get a tripod, a real one so that I can see whats being shot at all times (the small Gorilla Pod has its advantages but for low angle shots it’s a pain in the ass to frame it). And continuity, think about a story in images and shoot the film accordingly.

Then there was the editing process, and I will go into that once I post the video. So I leave you with a nice Behind the Scenes still.