Rocking on the E-Drum

For the first time while drumming on my e-drum I thought I should start recording myself playing. You know for the longest time I always played to some songs and tried to come as close to the original as possible. But recently I sometimes played without any background music. So yesterday I connected the drum to my MacBook Air and started Garage Band to see how easy it is to record it. Well very easy.

So then I thought about not only recording the sound but the video of me playing the drum as well. And there a new YouTube Video Project was born. Note to myself, not using Adobe Premiere Pro for a while makes me really rusty, so keep using Premiere Pro and maybe those videos will be put together much much faster in the future!

Well me playing sounds ok. I know I’m not always playing on the beat (wasn’t using a metronome) and there were two or three moments where I kinda improvised with stuff I never did before. But I kinda like how it turned out, and my cat made her obligated cameo at the end.

The setup was rather easy but a setup is still a setup and needs time to set it up. With a remote to start and stop the video recording and a fixed position of the camera would probably make recordings easier for a future video. And of course, with more than one camera you could actually make a more cinematic video with changing angles and maybe even some movement. All ideas and improvements for future videos.

My drumming setup