Remodelling the Living Room

Interior Design Bar

For at least 3 years my living room has looked the same and I think it’s time for a change. I’m playing around with the idea of a Bar in the living room for some time now and recently I felt the urge to go for it. There’s a big round dining table in the living room which I hardly use, my cat uses it as a springboard for going up and down the cat tree and because of that it’s filled with cat hair.


So the bar would replace the dining table as the place to eat and socialize (I still have a dining table in the kitchen if there’s ever the need for one). This means moving some things around, mainly the cat tree which moves to a different corner. I would also like to hang up different images, the current ones are cool but rather bland, the whole place could use some freshening up.

There will probably be a new coffee table which will go with the whole bar feeling and maybe some new drapes too. Well, there are lots of ideas floating around in my head and the difficult task will be to find a concept I like and just go with it.

One thing that WILL stay is the location of the couch and the whole TV area. I’m kinda bound to these positions because of the internet and tv plug position within the room and also because it just fits like this, don’t fix it if it isn’t broken they say.

So I will start playing around with SketchUp to recreate possible setups and I will post the results once I have something post-worthy. I’m looking forward to it, especially building whatever needs to be built because I’m certain what I want is not something that can be bought so it has to be built. But there are so many IKEA Hacks to look for inspiration. Yes, I will probably buy Ikea furniture because after all, I don’t wanna spend too much money on this.