Public Pics from Delyar

Today all I give you are some pics and if I don't get new ones till tomorrow then you'll get around 20 links from 'Mark' tomorrow:) Damn I'm tired cause of learning all the time, I NEED VACATION!!!!!!!! :)

'Delyar' sent me thos new public pics. Sorry but I totally forgot them last time:) again, I need vacation. Thanks a lot anyway 'Delyar'

'Bigrose' scanned the VCD covers from 'Autumn In New York'. I don't get this whole thing, I mean the movie is in theatres for 3 weeks (or 4?) and it's already out on VCD? 'Bigrose' also made an interesting Poster for a new Crow movie. This would be an interesting part for Noni. Thanks a lot 'Bigrose':)