Pigeons shitting on my Balcony

Pigeons shitting on my balcony

While I was googling some things to keep the pigeons from shitting on my balcony, something very funny happened. Well, the easiest way seems to be to place a plastic raven on the balcony which scares the doves away. I then remembered that one of my neighbors has one of these already, so I looked out of the window to check it out and right at this very moment I saw a real-life raven sitting on top of the plastic one. Seems the raves don’t really care about them.

Turns out not only do Ravens not care about them, pigeons do neither. So instead of buying something which in the end has no effect I try the cheap version and hang a bunch of CDs up on a string. Apparently shiny stuff, meaning light bouncing off of them, scares birds away. So I keep you posted on how this turns out.