PC Build: The SSD

Force Series Gen.4 PCIe MP600 NVMe M.2 SSD

Force Series Gen.4 PCIe MP600 1TB

Like I mentioned in my Motherboard blog post, I chose a Motherboard with a connection for PCIe 4.0 SDDs. So I looked for a few 4. Gen SSD’s and the Force Series MP600 are always mentioned as one of the top current SSD’s with a read speed of 4950MB/s and write speed of 4250MB/s which is pretty much double the speed of my Mac Mini. I went with one terabyte since I think, for the time being, it should be enough. I still can expand my PC with an additional 4. Gen SSD if I want to later on. Or connect up to 8 SATA III SSD’s and set up a raid 0 or 1, ah so many possibilities.