SP9 is in development

Yes, I’ve started work on SoaPatrickNine and I’ve come quite far with my first coding session. Now I don’t use an app like Photoshop or something like Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch. I use my coding editor and do something which is called ‘design by coding’. So far I’ve written very hacky code but it’s … more →

My plans for SP9

Yesterday I published the new section SoapLab and with it, I thought a lot about a new structure. Actually, I thought about it for some time but with this new section, the idea to rearrange some things became more imminent. So I played around with it locally and I realized that it was important to … more →

A place for my smaller work

The page is updated so sparely that it seems that I’m not doing anything, which isn’t quite true. I do a lot then there’s a personal issue which I might go into further details another day. But this post is about the creative work I do on a regular basis. Usually, every creative project gets … more →

It’s difficult to accept…

It’s difficult to accept the difference between who you are in your head and who you are in the world.

Abe Applebaum, The Kid Detective

Colored pens made with Blender

What has been happening

It’s been some time since anything happened here, well some things happened, I just didn’t post something about it. But yeah it’s a difficult time for all of us and sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s not so easy, but I think we all try to do our best to overcome these times. Prototype I’ve … more →

What’s in store for 2021

After a day of numbers and a day of looking back, it’s time to look ahead of talk about what to expect from 2021. The thing I noticed last year is that I was lacking a clear focus on things. I had all these ideas in my head and I was jumping between them way … more →

Some thoughts on 2020

Last year I started with a different kind of look back or recap on the previous year, no more top ten lists but rather an unsorted or alphabetical list of things I liked and didn’t quite like. And also some notes on stuff I did. The idea was to summarize and categorize the year quickly … more →

2020 in Numbers

Last year I wrote a short post about some numbers from 2019 and I thought I keep this tradition because it’s always fun to look back and see how I stack up compared to previous years. So here are last years numbers: I wrote 54 Blog posts (11’664 words) I shot and finished ONE Movie … more →

Me looking skeptical

Byebye 2020

It’s finally time to say goodbye to a weird and sometimes awful year. I won’t go into much detail about the past year, that is something which will come later on. This is merely just a farewell post, nothing less nothing more. See you next year…

Returning to Blender?

I can’t believe what’s happening, I really did something again in Blender and I could use the full power of my ‘newly’ build PC and render images in a timely fashion. I must admit, it came out of nowhere but I don’t try to analyze why that it’s happening now and just enjoy it. So … more →