New improvements to the Theme

I Was busy this weekend with the theme and there are some visible changes. First of all, there’s a navigation now, it’s not the most innovative but the simplest one for the time being. I might tinker with it some more soon (the scroll to the top could be removed since it’s kinda buggy). Then there are new pages done, there’s an Archive, a Tag Archive, a Search, a ListView and a way to quickly and easily update the color theme for the whole page (Welcome late to Earth Day).

Well, this is it for the moment, I have to switch to doing some drawings again after all the page is supposed to be a showcase for my work but it felt good doing some design work on the page and at the same time keeping the easy and simple look. Though one thing that might still be done this week is the Factory in order to properly showcase all my work. Oh and in case you’re wondering if the page stays green now, of course not, will be switching back tomorrow. Red’s my color!