New Color Scheme for SP10

Back in 2018, I had the urge to change the look and feel of my website, back then the red theme was born. I always like this slightly dirty red with a very dark gray as a contrast color. With this color scheme, I did SP5, SP6, SP7, SP8, and finally SP9. All with this Red and Gray combo (and sometimes with additional colors variations to offer the theme option).

During my design process for SP10 in which I used Adobe XD for the very first time (but I will get to that later) I noticed that I need more colors. All my previous designs consisted mainly of 3 colors: primary color, dark color, and white. But with just three colors I was always limited in my designs, just like I was now.

It was time to open up the color spectrum and look for a way to incorporate more colors and through that open up some design possibilities. So I hoped over to Adobe Color and played around with some colors, looked through other peoples color schemes, and in the end, I came up with the following:

Color Scheme for SoaPatrickTen

With that color scheme, I was able to finish the structure I was building with Adobe XD and give it a new Paint. Usually, I’m a design by coding kinda guy but in the past, I noticed that it takes a lot of time to play around with different variations. So I thought I try out Adobe XD and I was amazed how quickly I had all these ideas I had floating in my head put down visually. This process speed everything up and within a few days, I had a new design iteration.

I say iteration because as always I’m not the guy who creates complete new designs. Usually, I just tweak a few things here and there, sometimes more sometimes less, and take with me what worked and abandon what didn’t.

Now I’m not going to show the design just yet, because I’m I think the release of it is not too far away and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I want to end today’s post with the logo in its new color scheme:

SP Logo in the new Color Scheme