New AGCN Add-Ons

The page has received new things and add-ons over the weekend, maybe some people already noticed it. The latest thing has just been added a few seconds ago and now it's time to let the people who haven't noticed it yet know :)

The biggest new thing has to be the Theme Switcher. Now, visitors have the possibility to chose between 3 themes, the Scanner Darkly one which is also the default one, the Bleached Blue and the Bleached Red. A Bleached Green will follow :). Now of course not only a Bleached Green will follow but also more movie themes and other themes in the next few weeks and months.

Another thing that has been added is the Poll. I try to start a new poll every week now. If you have any problems with it, please let me know since the whole thing kinda seems unstable, it isn't so far but I have a feeling it could end up being.

And lastly, the picture gallery has been fully completed now and the next logical step is to move the skin over to the fanart section as well. Don't worry, that will be done too... all in time :)

P.S. I almost forgot, I got contacted by our dear friends from the Noni-Juice company again. They wanted to know if they could sponsor me (again). Well not after what happened last time, I just find it funny that they come back to me now, must be because AGCN is now on google's Winona Ryder search result page 1 and ranked as number 5 :D