My Space consuming Bullshit

What I realized writing yesterday's blog entry is that I just wrote what came to my mind, reminded me of an old blog where I did just that, I loved doing that. Of course, I’d love to spend hours and days on a blog entry, doing intense research and editing it numerous times until it’s perfect, but like I explained, who’s got time for that. Well, what I could do is have some lengthy research pieces once in a while and ramble on in the meantime. Unless my cat prohibits me, just like right now where she’s subtly trying to come between me and the laptop.

Needy cat Grissu

I know I wrote in a past entry that I’d love to have more structured blog entries but like I mentioned above, there’s not always time for that, most of the time I assume I will just spill out whatever’s on my mind, you cool with that? Good.