My self made leather Bracelet

Leather bracelet

I was never really the guy to wear bracelets and rings but I thought about giving it a try, just wanted to add something to my naked right arm (the apple watch is on the left wrist). Since I’m not the tattoo guy bracelets seem the obvious choice. But when I saw some of the prices for these leather bracelets I thought:

well I can do this myself and save some money

So there I was with a mission and on a very hot afternoon (why did I have to choose a hot day for this) I checked some Do-It-Yourself stores and found some parts with which I could make my own bracelets.

Leather bracelet supplies
  • Leather band: 2.50 CHF
  • Small trigger hook: 1.95 CHF

So I ended up paying a small fraction instead and I’m happy with it. Maybe my next one will be more sophisticated or maybe I add something more personal to it.