My changed New Years Resolutions

For this year I wanted to break free of my urge to only finish something if it’s perfect and kinda force myself to be creative each day. So I wanted to draw something and take a picture each day. So I started using my Instagram account and taking simple pictures each day. I also started using one of my many Moleskin notebooks and started drawing something, just something, each day as well. So this went fine for a whole week, but the pressure was big, maybe too big just to start somewhere. So I decided to kinda dial it down a bit and came up with the idea of combining it all into just one thing, do one thing each day, and this can be anything.

So from this day forward, I want to do something creative each day and this can be anything: drawing something, sketching something, taking a picture or shooting a short clip, writing something, a movie review, a tv show review or a short story, a joke… (blog entries in general count as well). As long as I do something it’s good.

As I planned this blog entry I realized something… my problem with doing something perfectly and never being happy with less is not entirely true. I expect from myself perfection within a timeframe that is just not possible. I expect to draw something cool in 10 minutes, I expect to write a story in a day…. I don’t give myself the time to make it perfect instead it has to be from the get-go. This way I stand in my way of even getting there. I’m not sure if I’m just lazy, I hope not.

As I ramble on (finally once again I’m writing without thinking) I was also thinking about reviewing movies for some time now, but I wanna do it quickly and not invest too much time into it because the time for me has become precious (the hazard of having a full-time job and have a long trip to even get there). So I thought about recording myself but then I don’t like being in front of the camera, the alternative would be voice over but then I don’t think my English is good enough (once again only do things if I can do them ‘perfect’). So I could write but I realized that's a lot of work, you can’t just write your thoughts down, it has to be structured and it takes time (there’s the time issue again). So write it short? Like I did with a few movies this year already, but then what's the point.

Another thing I thought about this was the language issue. For many of my friends, I’m a walking movie database so if I would do something for my friends I’d have to do it in my native language but then there goes the world audience :p (as my things would ever be read from people all over the world). So I thought about switching to german (or even swiss german to give it even more of a local feeling) but I’ve written everything on here already in English, so a switch would feel weird.

So I’m sitting in on my sofa, having my MacBook Air on my lab and watching ‘Brookly Nine-Nine’ on Netflix in the background and hitting the keys and spilling my thoughts, and just as I write this I think to myself, wow this kinda sounded cool :D

For now, I wanna keep up my newly changed new years resolution and see where this thing will go and maybe in the process I find out how to solve ALL THIS (whatever THIS is)