My brand new Bike

My new bike

So I bought a new bike, my first own bike after… let me think… 20 years, and I’m loving it. I once owned a bike as a teenager and I actually had it for maybe a month before it was stolen. In the meantime, I used whatever bike my family didn’t need at the moment and I think at the end I was the sole driver of my mom’s bike until it was not functional anymore.

Recently I had the urge to go and make small bike tours in the summer so I looked around for a new bike, it didn’t have to be expensive but for me, it had to look cool and fit several purposes. I stumbled upon a local bike shop that sells Specialized Bikes and there I found the Sirrus Disc Int which I really liked. A week later the freshly ordered bike was mine.

Then came the question of how to securely lock it and avoid my bike getting stolen again. After a week’s worth of research, I found the best lock for me: The Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 with Flex.

So I’m happy with how it all looks and I extremely enjoyed the small bike trips I took so far and the many more I will take in the future.