More pics and Articles

Since this will be my last update for this week (I'm gonna shoot a documentary of a 2-day concert here in Basel) this update will be bigger than usual, put up everything I have today so you have enough to read, look at and discuss for the next 3 days. Maybe I'll put something up on Sunday (late) depends on my condition:) Till then...

'Doris' gave me this link to a noni page with some great pictures from Winona movies. Thanks a lot 'Doris':)

Got some new pics here:) The first one I found on today. The second one is a scan from 'Delyar' and the 'Autumn in New York' Pics are from 'Sandro'. Thanks a lot 'Delyar' and 'Sandro':)

Now we come to the 'Mark' part of today's update:) He kinda tortures me with 4 emails a day and in every mail, I find 5 links (just kidding Mark:)) So here is his part of the update:

He sent me an Alien4 script. For me, it seems like an early draft cause there are some scenes that aren't in the movie.

Here are some links to the 'Blues Explotion' music video. It's on TV this Sunday btw, just read the articles for more info: (btw it would be great if someone could make a great mpg version out of it:))

And now I'll come to the link part:

Ok, this is it, Ufff:) Thanks a lot 'Mark', I hope you continue with torturing my mailbox with emails:))) Wish me all luck with this documentary:) Bye