Marks second day

Welcome to day 2 of my Web adventure. Well, on with the show. News and emails a bit thin on the ground today, so might as well start with some piccies, eh? I found these lying around somewhere...

I wanted to clear something up from yesterday's posting. The new 'news' address we've been giving out is for you (the punters) to be able to send us in your Winona reports and news from around the world so we can present for all the fans here - so please keep the emails coming and we'll try to make sure you get the latest info (hopefully more factual than not!) Remember the new address is:-- By the way, if you haven't yet visited the pictures sections of this site, I strongly urge you to go there now (do not pass Go, do not collect $200). There are some 1700 photos waiting for you to discover them, and MistaG is still waiting to catalog even more in the collection!!

'Quote of the Day'

“At the exorcism, Birdson boasted that Satan was about to take over the body of a man…,
…You are that man, Peter”

Maya Larkin (Lost Souls)

By the way, for those of you who saw and liked the visual Kaminski feast that is Lost Souls already (apologies to those around the world the American moguls have deemed "not quite ready yet"), be sure to check out 'Rosemary's Baby' (recently re-released on DVD). Some elements of Lost Souls have been likened to this film, and the first-rate cast and Polanski's unsettling directing make it well worth watching, especially with Halloween fast approaching! - or as an alternative, you can always give Polanski's most recent offering a go ('The Ninth Gate', with a certain Mr. Depp??)