Marks first Day

Hi everyone. Well it is my first day on the job and I hope I don't disappoint. MistaG is taking a well deserved break, but fear not, it's only from the front page - he's still working very hard behind the scenes to make this site bigger and better (is that possible??).

Try and remember to update your email address books to the new 'news' updates address:

This is just a new way for everybody that becomes involved in maintaining this site to see all the great updates from you guys! Brand New 'Quote of the Day' Segment...

Oh, I'm going to hell for sure. Here he is, talking about his dead mother and I can't help wishing his hands were unbuttoning my dress!

Charlotte Flax (Mermaids)

David's Pics- 'David' has come back to us with yet more pics (!!!) - so many again, in fact, that here's another page dedicated solely to them (thanks again 'David', they're great)

Last but not least (for my first day anyway!) we have the weekend charts. Looks as though Lost Souls has tumbled to 7th place in the box-office ($3.3 million). This was never going to be a big hit thanks to the bad press, but it's still holding its head above water for now. If you like Winona, you won't be disappointed.

Well that's it from me for now. Hopefully once I get 'streamlined' at this 'webbing' business, I'll be contributing more. In the meantime, keep the messageboard lit up and the multimedia coming in, and we'll give you more of what you want tomorrow! Oh yeah, I nearly forgot - !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MistaG !!