Lost Souls Gif Animation

You know with all those bubble-gum-love-songs out there the one that really touches me is 'Nothing Compares 2 U' from Sinead O'Connor (I get wet eyes when I see the music clip). Oh, listen to her new song 'No Mans Women' once, great song:)

How do you like the countdown at the top? Cool huh:) Took me a while to get it right (as you might have witnessed yesterday)

On the official 'Lost Souls' page, I found a cute Winona gif-animation with 4 Winona pics. There's nothing new about 'Autumn in NY' so I have to seek for other stuff.

'Larissa' made a cute page long ago but I always forgot to make a link, so here it is (finally) sorry about that 'Larissa'. The page is very basic but I love to read her updates everyday (Oh and the 'quote' sections is cool)