Let’s recap May of 2018, shall we?

May recap 2018

Long time no see. I know, I know, I took a break. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working at all. In fact, I was busy at work, I also did some sketches (not as many as I hoped) like one for Deadpool. I also optimized the Logo and used the Golden Ratio to perfectly balance the S and the P. Then there was the sudden urge to take some pretty pictures with my Sony Alpha 5000 (like the one above). I’m just shocked that I never really got to learn the basic settings of a camera and what can be achieved with them until now. Like what to do with the Aperture, the Shutter Speed and the ISO.

So it seemed like a quiet month and one might be right and I’ve noticed that recently too and started to think about how to change that because I ended up consuming more than actually producing content. I wanted to write a blog entry on this subject but on well… I seem to have had better things to do. So I realized that giving myself more freedom on how often I write Blog entries were contra-productive and I guess this means back to the daily blogging routine? Back to get into the habit of doing something daily. I will give it a shot and see how it goes.

So I will leave it at that and enjoy my well-deserved evening, it was a stressful but productive weekend, too bad it was all work-related.