Let’s recap April of 2018, shall we?

April recap 2018

Another month has passed and I dialed it down quite a bit, 11 Posts this month. I know it’s a lot less than the usual 30 per month but I think it’s for the better. So let’s see what else happened this month? Well, because of posting less I had more time to do other stuff, so the big thing was certainly the release of SoaPatrickFive and the continued improvements I added over the course of the last two weeks. I mean the Log is full of changes. I had a blast with it and I’m really digging the result so far and I’m also having fun improving it.

I try to be as retina-friendly as possible, that’s why I use a lot of vector graphics and even increase the size of the Featured Images. They are now created in a resolution of 2500×1200 Pixel. A canvas this big will hopefully keep me from using any stock photos EVER. Instead, use drawings or my own shot Photos (like the one from today). I just thought I’d take a size that will last for some time in case somewhere down the line I need bigger Featured Images.

I was also working on some Cartoons, not as much as I hoped for, but with SP5 my mind and creativity was busy somewhere else. But I hope the theme will take a back seat and let the drawing process take over a bit in May. The big thing this month was a 6-Panel Comic Strip. It was a rather big challenge but a fun learning experience. I try to do more but with fewer panels.

Now let’s look ahead a bit. The theme is in a good condition, the next step will be to see how future creative things can be presented the best way. I’m talking about more cartoons and hopefully also some animations. That will be the next big thing here, besides some small theme tinkering on the side. Apart from that, I do want to draw a lot more this coming month and maybe start writing stories which then can be turned into small short animations. So far there is no timeline for new iMacs so I have to keep busy with what I have now.

And finally, a small info on stats, meaning how many people visit my blog. Well, it’s interesting how that progresses actually. I had 79 hits (36 unique) in February, 143 hits (50 unique) in March and now 409+ hits (170 unique) in April. So in order for people to come back and visit I have to continue producing cool content on a regular basis. I will try and do that.