Interview with Scanner director

Filmmaker Magazine has an interview with "A Scanner Darkly" director Richard Linklater in which he talks about the making of his upcoming new movie. Thanks (any guess who it is? :p) to ChrisB. Below is a short passage from the interview, to read the whole thing, click here: THE SCHIZOID MAN

Did your actors have much knowledge of Dick’s work before they joined the project? Was Woody Harrelson, for example, a fan?

I don’t think he [knew Dick’s work], actually, but he liked the script. Winona, her dad knew Philip K. Dick. She had letters from him, and she brought a lot of knowledge to the table. Keanu is a total workhorse who did tons of research. He and I would always refer to the book and Dick’s letters. I would say Woody and Rory didn’t overthink it too much. Downey definitely has to dig in on an intellectual level, as does Keanu, but Winona probably had the most knowledge.