In the mood for something Scary?

Ok let me explain, I had this idea for some time now (I think it all started in December) and I actually shot three different versions on three different weekends. The general idea was to shoot something simple and all alone and try to use masking for special effects. While shooting the second weekend I had a different idea which now turned into the final result. Shooting alone was an interesting yet complicated experience. Not knowing how a shot turned out until I rewatch it was time-consuming, also that I couldn’t properly block scenes because I didn’t know how it looked when there was no one I could use as a stand-in.

So with the last idea, there was suddenly a second actress and with that came the realization that I need more help, so with the help of an additional friend we shot the movie on Saturday within 6 hours. I cut the movie together on Sunday and on Monday I started to edit the music, which was the most important aspect of this short film. The idea was always to create a scary mood with sound, and not have jump scares and light flickering and whatever you find in today’s trashy horror films.

So I hope you all enjoy it, the feedback I’ve received so far is that people were feeling uneasy when watching it and that was the main goal, so I say this Soap Lab Experiment was a success.