I'm still walking around in Basel

My most important New Years Resolution this year was the one about walking through EVERY street in Basel. It’s an ambitious project and one that people often underestimate. People don’t realize what that actually means, but there are so many small roads and tiny alleys that you have to walk through some streets more than once in order to cover it all.

Marching through Basel

It’s an interesting project nonetheless. You think after many many years living here in Basel I’ve seen it all but there are so many areas where I’ve never been, which is a shame actually, but that’s the idea here, to change all that.

Right now is actually the perfect season because it’s neither cold anymore and nor really hot yet because I kinda fear a hot summer where it’s just unbearable to walk around in town all day on hot concrete.

But for now, I try to use the perfect weather conditions and get as much done as possible.