I was working on a Soap Lab Logo

As I mentioned in my previous Post, I had the Idea to make all my movie projects under a new banner called Soap Lab Experiment. Now roughly two weeks later I can present you the first version of set Logo. I was playing around with different fonts and colors and style and all before I came to this version and I REALLY really like how it turned out. The whole thing has been done in Illustrator which is really handy to have. I was also drawing some things with my iPad Pro connected to my mac using Astro Pad. The color Pink is a nod to Fight Club, obviously. There were different color versions and with different background colors as well but this one was the one that stuck out the most. I might animate the flask in the future but for now, this is it. After all, I need to make movies in order for me to actually use it, so time to make some movies!

A Soap Lab Experiment Logo

So now it’s time to actually shoot Reflection which will be done either today or tomorrow. So fingers crossed that all works out so that I can publish it this month.