I completed the challenge!!!

I finished the challenge a week ago, I just needed some time to relax because it was a stressful time but a very rich experience and I’ve learned so much. So here are the last two challenges:

Day 28 – A Place you want to go

One could argue that going to a place you’ve been to so many times before is boring when there are so many other places one could go. But on the other hand, I just love this place and even though I’ve been there many times I still have so much to see :)

30 days drawing challenge - Day 29

Day 23 – Congratulations Banner

And so on the last day, it was time to celebrate my accomplishment with a congratulation banner :) I cheated here a bit because I’ve reused my very first drawing of me and added some things, but it seemed fitting to close the circle so to speak :p

30 days drawing challenge - Day 30

So I’ve finished a challenge where I had to draw something for each day for 30 days. You could say I’m mighty proud of myself there :D and now the journey continues. I plan on drawing a lot more even start new challenges but keep away from daily challenges, take away some of the pressure and instead work on perfecting the technique and the drawing itself. In fact, I already started a new series, the first results will follow soon :)