Giving Notion a try

A long time ago I was using Evernote as my primary notetaking application, and I think it was THE notetaking app. But then came the change, the subscription service, and the price hike and I said bye-bye. I think back then I was under the impression that everything has to be free. Now don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly willing to pay for applications, I do it all the time, but there are only so many subscription services one can handle, But I digress.

After Evernote, I found Bear, a simple good looking notetaking app that supports Markdown language and syncs to all my Mac devices. With CHF 15 per year, it was really affordable and I think it was a fair price. (I think there is a free option as well with fewer features).

So I've been using Bear for at least 5 years now but during the last few days, I noticed a drawback. I cannot use my notes on a PC because there is no web version or on my work computer unless I use my private iCloud account. I needed something which is accessible everywhere and here's where Notion enters the room.

A few years ago I made an account and looked at it, it seemed powerful but at the time it was too much for me to handle. But now I think this could not only replace Bear as my notes app but also allow me to keep track of my projects and have some sort of task board for all my ideas. I think I need to visualize what I want to do so that I can create more output. (Jira is nice but maybe not the right place for all my projects, it's perfect for my web development projects).

So I migrated all my notes to Notion and I will give it a try and keep you guys posted.