Getting hit in the face

Well somehow I'm glad it happened, now I finally know how it feels. But HOW did it happen? So we have Fasnacht here which means a 3-day party and music and some more party, I was out with a friend and it started to get late, you know 3 am and we asked people where something is still happening. So while she talked to a guy, I talked to a group of people on the right, nothing special just small talk. So after a few moments, I turned myself to my friend and suddenly it hit me... it REALLY hit me. It made BANG and I moved to the left. I did not feel but it hurt like a bitch. One of those lame-ass pissers just hit me from the side in the face and then left. So I stood there, my face hurt and I was really really surprised, not mad or angry just very surprised. People came to me saying they heard it (yes they actually heard the hit) and asked if I'm ok.

Now I've never been in a fight, never got hit, and never had someone to hit but I never thought it would happen like this. I feel ok now, my right side of the face hurts a bit and it's a tad billowed but nothing else. Actually, I'm glad it was only the side he hit, imagine a broken nose or so... Weird times, really weird times when you get hit for NO reason at all... Just a slice of my very shaky and hurt mind :p