Ebert on Lost Souls

HELP!!!! I get so many news/pics lately that I can't keep up anymore:) Is anybody out there willing to help me out now? How about you 'Mark'? I'm soon again VERY busy with school (exams) and then it will be hard for me to do a thing here. Please let me know.

'Mark' made another mp3 file, this time with the TV review from Roger Ebert on his show. Thanks a lot 'Mark' (I hope you guys understand that I keep it short today:)

  • Roger Ebert about 'Lost Souls' [1mb, 2.5m]

Got also some new pics by 'Linh' and 'David'. The first one is scanned by 'Linh' (another great pic from the Walk of Fame ceremony and two articles below) and the other ones are scanned by 'David'. More from David will follow. Thanks a lot 'Linh' and 'David':)

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