Defining a site structure

Well, it’s been a hectic time recently and therefore finding time to work on those subjects has been kinda spare. Nonetheless, I found some time to come up with a definite site structure for the whole projects part and how I will handle the site navigation and everything.

The idea is to use the blog very excessively for it all which means there will be a category projects and under that category, I will add for each new project I will start a new category with the project's title as the category name.

The project page will still be a page will all the media and blog posts from the specific category on display. The tags I will use for describing each project a bit more.

This means that I will change the current category structure and create new ones now already. So we would have the ‘the soap factory logo’ and ‘the soap factory web design’ category.

As for the design, I was thinking about making a horizontal design, but the problem there is the usability aspect. People are used to scrolling vertical (I mean you have a scroll wheel on your mouse which is aligned vertically) so when a user suddenly has to scroll horizontal it feels weird and therefore people don’t feel familiar and need longer to find something and scrolling up and down doesn’t exist.

I know I wanted to create something new here instead of just the regular design structure, but I’m not sure if I do something this radical.