Brainstorming about SoaPatrickFive

I cleaned the whole apartment today and now I’m exhausted but while doing that I did some brainstorming about the new Theme I will start working on, someday… in the foreseeable future, hopefully. I’m looking for fonts, I’m looking for simple ways to display a blog post and I’m making a list of things I need to think about when I’m creating it, things I forgot for the current theme. So while doing that, I stumbled upon a possible issue: the featured Images I’m currently creating for blog posts are all only 1000 pixels wide, which is not much when you want to display the image either above or below the title and spread it over the whole width of the text. I’m currently thinking of 1250 Pixel and then all my recently created images since January 2018 are slightly too small. I need to think of a clever solution for this problem, maybe resize them or something like this.

Anywhoo that’s all for today, the cleaning took a toll on me so I need to rest a bit.