Big Winona News Update

2 days to go 'til U know what - and nobody has suggested what to set the java clock to next?! Help...

Sincerest apologies to 'Linh' for not posting these pics yesterday when they arrived, I have but a tiny brain and a work overload and there is no excuse, so without further ado (thanks 'Linh', these are current, topical, and even a bit saucy - we like!):

'David' (from the UK) has returned with one more of that brilliant print collection we glimpsed yesterday - sadly, he says, it's not his :-( Never mind 'David' thanks to you and the collector for sharing it with the rest of the Noni-philes! Plus, there's a fresh-faced, slightly younger Noni here too :-)

film-demnaechst' Review - Hey gang, the big guy himself (you may know him as the 'Editor in Chief') has written in with contributions too. He's not just at home sleeping ya know! He must have been stirred into action after the AINY posts of late, and I guess that movie is still in full swing in Europe right now so get out there and see it kids - it's a weepie, so take a handkerchief. Anyway, here's a link to a Swiss movie magazine review and a coupla more pics for thy ever disk-busting collection. Enjoy, and thanks 'MistaG' - if I ask real nice, do you think you could send in an English translation of the article, hmmmm, pretty please! - I promise to post it for all the fans:

OK, down to me to provide the closer, and let's not be forgetting the infamous quote o' the day! Here's another candid shot from the insurmountable "Girl, Interrupted", as Mr. Mangold and Ms. Ryder work more of their cinematic magic. God bless 'em! Sorry it's been kinda short today guys and gals, but work is work and play is play, and they're not letting me out for too much of the latter lately - 'they' are obviously not Noni fans, hmphhhh. Adios Amigos.

'Quote of the Day'

You know - taking us for ice creams in a blizzard... - makes you wonder who the real whack-jobs are!

Susanna Kaysen (Girl, Interrupted)

Well, there will be just a few more words now. I've just this minute finished watching "The House Of The Spirits", at long last! All I can say is that it started out to be a fairly low-key, low-budget looking affair (the editing at the beginning seems really poor, with dodgy dubbing here and there), but by the time it finished, it was a magnificent triumph of the human spirit - a truly gripping saga (in the truest sense of the word) of a family in torment throughout the years. And what a family! - There were relatives all over the place thanks to Mr. Irons' character and his wayward ways! And Winona's character just grew and grew. I'm really glad I own this one now. I am left speechless and off to bed with a stronger desire to see Winona in newer, richer, more sumptuous films! Goodnight folks. May silk replace your sheets, velvet line your pillows and Noni ever be in your dreams...One last word - in retrieving this quote, I rediscovered my favorite song - "How To Fight Loneliness" by Wilco from the GI soundtrack - pleeeeease, if you've not yet heard it, stop whatever you're doing, run to your nearest Napster portal (umm, I mean record store) and get a copy! Peace, friends. And for God's sake Pete, go to bed mate, it's late, ermm, early..., whatever.