Big Winona Birthday Update

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINONA! 1971/10/29, 29 years and still blossoming!

Hello to one and all. It is with surprise and renewed excitement and vigour that I return to the page so soon! I won't rehash yesterday's words, but I'm happy to be able to continue to contribute to the world's biggest and best Winona fansite. Thanks to all for your kind words and it is certainly NOT my intention to let any of you down on our favorite subject. MistaG has very graciously agreed to do the multimedia duties and allowed me to continue to write the words. So, concisely and sincerely, thank you MistaG.

Yesterday saw the addition of 'Little Women' to my Winona DVD video library. There's only so many Winona discs (Region 1 at least) available right now. After a little hunting on IMDB and, here is a list I have compiled of those presently available (strictly on DVD you understand - when you're watching Quality with a capital 'Q', you've got to have faithful audio and video reproduction!):

The more astute of you will notice I have left out 'Being John Malkovich', and the more sensible of you that have seen this particular film will know exactly why I do not count this as a Winona Ryder movie! So, that only leaves 'Beetlejuice', 'Dracula' and 'Celebrity' to be obtained! It's a shame that there are a few notable films missing from this catalog - for instance, you'd think critically acclaimed films like 'Mermaids', 'The Crucible' and the award-laden 'The Age Of Innocence' would certainly merit the DVD treatment! In any case, if anybody has more information to supplement this list, send it into the usual address and I'll make it known.

Here's a new pic of Noni from the 'Lost Souls' premiere - excuse my outpourings, but this much style and beauty give me the shivers, kids. I can't wait for this visually stunning film on DVD either (which may upset those of you who haven't even been given the chance to see it at the cinemas yet, but hey, a move to North America will sort that out, with the added benefit of being closer to San Francisco, of course...)

And speaking of Lost Souls, here's an article I just came across on the website (Canada's version of

  • Chapters 'Lost Souls' Article

Now we come to today's media, lovingly prepared by the man himself, MistaG. Thanks to 'Linh' for two sets of articles about Nigel Goodall and his books about Johnny Depp and Winona. Thanks also going out to 'Sandro' for today's picture sequence. Good work guys!

  • Articles And Pics

For those of you interested, here are 2 links to Nigel Goodall's site (and his host, Vicki's, Johnny Depp site) whence came the aforementioned interview material - and I can personally recommend Goodall's 'Winona Ryder: The Biography' - it's an excellent, and still recent, reference:

  • Link 1
  • Link 2

'Linh' has also come up with this article in which Winona is again discussing the ongoing development of 'Roustabout'. Thanks 'Linh' :-)

Well, because of yesterday's purchase, where else could I get today's quote from? Anyway, by the time you read this, today IS the BIG day (obviously it has already arrived for some, meanwhile North America sleeps - but hey, She was born here, so you'll just have to wait for us to catch up!), I anticipate a flood of media coming in like a monsoon (ka-woosh). I know 'Uwe' has already written into the board and told us how he's 'celebrating' the event, so perhaps everybody else could do the same?!

'Quote of the Day'

Laurie: I have loved you since the moment I clamped eyes on you. What could be more reasonable than to marry you?

Little Women

OK folks, I've kept you waiting long enough - surprise after surprise, and now a special Winona birthday surprise. Yes, 'Gordon' has submitted another priceless piece of video footage from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Feast your eyes on this and I hope everybody out there, especially you Winona, enjoys this day!

  • 'Walk' Movie2