Being Healthy...

… is something I think people do not cherish enough. It’s only ever an issue when you’re sick or you’re in pain, then you yearn for the times you’ve been healthy. I’m just thinking about this issue a bit more recently because, on one hand, I am getting older, and I tend to feel my body a bit differently. Small things start to hurt and my body needs longer to heal, on the other hand, I’m currently having some issues with my body because he doesn’t act the way he’s supposed to.

Now, of course, people might say I’m overly whiny and because I’m a man one might think I’m exaggerating. Maybe I am a bit, but still, the feeling of getting older and the body not being as durable as it used to starts to creep up on me more and more.

The reason for a blog post about this subject is that I’m currently in the midst of waiting for some test results. Now I don’t want to sound too alarming, all the signs point to good news but still, make one think.

This entry might sound confusing but what I’m trying to say, I think, is that people should cherish their health a lot more. Be grateful in the morning when nothing hurts, when you’re feeling good, it’s not taken for granted and certainly not forever. I try to live more consciously, I really try, but I still might fall back into the usual behavior, I think it’s human nature.