Back when I was writing Screenplays

During my last spring cleaning, I stumbled upon some old stories and screenplays I wrote, so I scanned them all and I was surprised how much I wrote back then. Back then was around 1997. So I scanned 13 stories, some of them in screenplay form, others more like a more detailed outline. I didn’t finish all of them, some were just ideas I put down on paper and then when I ran out of ideas I moved on to the next one. Now I know some of them are bad, and some have similar story elements like movies I’ve seen back then. But the big thing compared to NOW is that I wasn’t scared of writing, I wasn’t standing in my own way and demanding perfection, I was just writing because I had fun telling stories.

On my way to work this morning I thought about all this I remembered that I started writing a scene for an idea that was floating around some time ago. I even did a blog entry back in 2012. When I read that short scene (the scene is longer than what I posted before) I was really pleased with what I wrote and I had the urge to continue with that story. So maybe I will do that OR actually shoot that scene. Making a video in some shape or form is actually something I plan on doing this year, so why not something I wrote.

I’m not trying to get my hopes up just yet but reading that and seeing all my old stuff sure has lit a spark in me. Maybe I read some of my old ones and see something in them which can be used for something new. Or maybe I even put some stuff online…