Awesome Media Day

Today there is an awesome amount of media to give you, so there won't be too much waffle from me (you may be relieved to hear)!

First off, we have something great from 'Gordon' - more stills from THAT walk-of-fame ceremony, AND the thing we've all been waiting for - the first posted video of the event! Thanks a lot 'Gordon' and if you or anyone else tuning in has more of this, I'm sure we'd all step over our Grandmothers to get it!

Next some fairly good (well, OK, to me really good!) news for the North American continent... 'Autumn In New York' seems to have acquired an imminent DVD release date - January 2, 2001. Well, some of us out there liked it, and let's face it, it IS the most recent thing she's done!

Now we have some jpegs from my good friend 'Damian' on the egroups site. 'Damian' is in fact quite an accomplished graphic artist (and a rather huge Noni fan, of course) and maybe one day we'll get to see some really cool fanart from him, but in the meantime, here's some more rare photo opportunities - Cheers D:

 'David' has sent us in some rather impressive shots of what looks like a great Noni print collection. Thanks a lot for sharing these 'David' - it's always terrifically fascinating to see what's available on our favorite subject, all over the world:

Lastly (but by no means leastly) you lucky badgers (for it has been a bumper day thus far has it not?), I wanted to remind you about all the great clips and soundbites from our old favorite, the Autumn In New York official MGM website. Browse and download all of these goodies at your leisure:

  • Autumn In New York VidClips - front page
  • Autumn In New York VidClips - directory
  • Autumn In New York SoundClips - front page
  • Autumn In New York SoundClips - directory

Oh wait, what's that? Oh alright, if you insist, here is your quote. Have fun with all this stuff and keep it coming in. Anybody have any news on Ben Stiller's latest comedy vehicle, 'Zoolander' (and Noni's speculated contribution), or how about some 'Strangers With Candy' footage? Bye for now - hope all of this has set you up for a great day...

Quote of the Day'

I am but God's finger, John. If He would condemn Elizabeth, she will be condemned

Abigail (The Crucible)

goodnight, dear readers and fellow devotees, wherever you are. Alright, alright... you've beat it out of me. One more picture before bedtime (I expect the 'Euros' will just be awakening soon - funny how that works eh?) Just watched the American Beauty DVD and it IS still magnificent, even on the 4th viewing. If only some of Winona's upcoming movies could match her obvious elegance and sophistication. I'll quite happily settle for some more of the artistic integrity we glimpsed in Girl, Interrupted, but I don't know if I can wait another 6 years! We shall see, friends