Autumn Noni update

Now that the forum is running again, it is about time I contributed something to the site. A lot has happened since I last posted. Winona has a new film! She is going to star in Alpha Numeric, along with Brian Cox, Christopher Lambert and Val Kilmer. She plays Tea Baker, an investigative reporter for the New York Times, who lands in trouble when she investigates a Moscow-based human trafficking ring.

In August, Winona was seen auditioning in LA. I don't know if this was for Alpha Numeric or something else.

The music for the Darwin awards is being done by David Kitay. It was performed backward and then digitally reversed. The result is described as "really cool", especially the woodwind section.

Winona is still working to promote "Murderball" and she interviewed Mark Zupan for July's Interview magazine.

On a sadder note, there were some shoplifting stories involving Winona circulating on the web this summer, allegedly based on a story in the British tabloid "The News of the World." These stories were completely untrue, and I have been informed that "The News of the World" never printed any such story. The whole thing seems to have been made up by a gossip website.

Another sad note is that "Mary Warner" seems to have been shelved. On the other hand, parts of A Scanner Darkly were previewed a few days ago in LA and the reports are encouraging. It looks like a strong film.