Autumn in New York Article

Got a lot of emails lately (actually all the time) cause of the public pictures gallery that the pop-up window won't appear. Well, I always checked it with 'Internet Explorer' and it worked. Yesterday I got suspicious and checked it with 'Netscape' and it didn't work. I found the mistake and repaired it, works perfectly now:)

'Dave' sent me those pics a long time ago, today I found the time to prepare them (had to cut and past a bit:)) Thanks a lot 'Dave':)

'Jon' found this very interesting article about 'Autumn in NY' and it's cut nude scene of Winona. Thanks a lot 'Jon':)

"With Autumn in New York, there was a scene where Winona Ryder was to appear naked. It would've been her first time. They must have thought it would be a draw otherwise they wouldn't have asked her to sign this agreement. And she had some concerns, but she trusted that as I'm a female I wouldn't exploit her and would make sure it was beautiful. The scene was shot through glass in more of an abstract than a real way. Still, at test screenings, people voluntarily wrote that they didn't want to see the nudity."