And the winner is...

Firefox. Yes, it’s the browser I didn’t even mention the last time. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’ve decided to get away from Google a bit and stop using Chrome and I was looking for a replacement Browser.

Now I’ve used Safari and Brave for some time and DuckDuckGo on my iPhone but in the end, none of those had the full package.

Brave didn’t support (not right now) syncing of bookmarks to iOS devices, plus it’s still a chromium-based Browser. Plus I couldn’t use any Atlassian Web products because of security settings.

Safari is fast, available on all devices but I couldn’t warm myself up on that UI. I mean the browser nowadays is the most important app on a Computer and so much comes down to personal preferences and how efficient you can work with it. And after trying it for a few days I couldn’t see myself keep working with it.

DuckDuckGo on my iPhone was nice and I loved it, but I couldn’t import my bookmarks and I think in the long run this might be an issue.

So I tested out Firefox and now I’ve got pretty much all. I can sync my bookmarks and even open tabs from all my devices, I love the UI, it’s an open-source project and privacy is an important issue for Mozilla.

So now I run Firefox on all my devices with DuckDuckGo as my primary Search Engine, feels nice to get away from Google, even if only a little bit.